Jordi Bernadó

Spanish, b. 1966


Jordi Bernadó explores contemporary architecture, urban spaces, and landscapes in large-scale black-and-white and color photographs. He is interested in photography as a way to “conceive the city,” as he has said, and among other locations he has captured scenes in Atlanta, Detroit, Shanghai, Tokyo, Bangkok, Cape Town, and Berlin in the 1990s after the fall of the wall. With an eye for the absurd, Bernadó produces bold compositions that are frequently devoid of human presence and capture visual contradictions—a set of vibrant blue gates opening onto a misty wilderness in Stockholm (E39.2), or a collection of shiny pastel-colored mopeds parked in a crumbling, antiquated interior space in Barcelona (BS 467.1). In his books, Bernadó has paired images from different locations in order to create troubling juxtapositions and highlight the paradoxes of globalization.

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