Jory Hull
American, born 1971
Selected exhibitions
#facts - Citizen, Land, Body.,
Galerie Julian Sander
@joryhull - An Instagram Sketchbook,
Galerie Julian Sander
Galerie Julian Sander at Paris Photo 2016,
Galerie Julian Sander

Engaged in commercial design and advertising work, commissioned projects, and his own photography, painting, and collage, Jory Hull creates images informed by a keen eye for telling details and formal qualities. Having studied painting and photography simultaneously, Hull knows how to make the familiar appear abstract and the everyday seem strange and remarkable. In his photography projects, Hull has captured documentary, black-and-white images of an Alaskan salmon-processing plant; evocative, ambiguous vignettes of a trip to Connecticut; poetic views of sky over land from an airplane window; and the sleek exteriors and complex interiors of vintage racecars, which he abstracts into symphonies of bright color, shapes, and contours.