José Gabriel Fernández
Selected exhibitions
Sum of the Parts III,
Henrique Faria Fine Art at Frieze New York 2016,
Henrique Faria Fine Art
Henrique Faria Fine Art at Art Basel in Miami Beach 2016,
Henrique Faria Fine Art

José Gabriel Fernández is a sculptor known best for making sensuously soft, sleek, and weightless forms from hard and rigid materials, like fiberglass-reinforced gypsum, plywood, MDF, and resin. Fernández typically uses a minimal palette dominated by white. His works are also characterized by shifting forms when experienced in the round, precise contours, and relationships to a human scale. He also creates a number of wall-mounted or leaning works, sometimes accompanied by photographic series based on multiple views of the sculptures. Certain themes and subjects recur in his work, including the bullfight and matador, cultural identity politics, and 20th-century avant-garde movements.