Joseph Stashkevetch
American, born 1958
Selected exhibitions
Joseph Stashkevetch,
Von Lintel Gallery
Joseph Stashkevetch: The More Things Change,
Von Lintel Gallery
California Dreaming,
Von Lintel Gallery

Joseph Stashkevetch makes intensely realistic and monumental renderings of landscapes and still lifes in monochrome. His style is characterized by its soft shadows, strong contours, and use of narrow focus, effects he achieves by building up his work in laborious iterations using both additive and reductive processes: he completes a layer of the image in conte crayon, then sands it down before applying the next layer. Stashkevetch’s subjects vary widely—from flowers to freeways, mountains to hotel rooms—but have in common themes of accumulation and decay. Some of his subjects refer to autobiographical experiences and places the artist has visited, including Coney Island, Los Angeles, New Jersey, and San Francisco.