Joshua Hagler
American, born 1979
Selected exhibitions
Looking For U,
Unit London
In the Mix,
Over the Hills,

Preoccupied with the extremes of religious experience and its psychological origins, Joshua Hagler works in mixed media, impasto oil painting, and digital animation to explore evangelism, Christian mysticism, and prophecy. In his twisted images Hagler integrates his Middle American upbringing with an exploration of obscure Italian religious art and its various techniques and traditions. Often the sheer density of media in a single work distorts his imagery, creating a grotesque and haunting effect. Hagler also works in installation, photography, and sculpture. For a 2012 solo exhibition, “The Imagined Chase”, he interviewed four men with uncommon religious perspectives. From these interviews or “confessions”, he created mixed-media paintings, sculptures, and digital 3-D videos, including a projection room in which the testimonies of all four men played in a continuously looped 3-D …

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