Judith Schaechter
American, born 1961
Selected exhibitions
Dark Matter,
Claire Oliver
The Battle of Carnival and Lent,
Claire Oliver
The Philly Vernacular Spectacular Extravaganza,
University of Pennsylvania, University Museum

Judith Schaechter creates resplendent stained glass works that fuse a medieval aesthetic with contemporary preoccupations. Her studio practice is one of unparalleled intricacy: she crafts tiny glass tiles, then variously files, paints, and engraves each one before assembling them in large mosaic-like compositions several layers deep, which she presents in lightboxes. Though her works evoke religious imagery, as in The Sin Eater (2009), Schaechter revels in their narrative ambiguity, claiming instead that her preoccupation is with her materials, process—whose “tedium factor” she finds particularly appealing—and the creation of beautiful, “decorative” objects. “I guess I have no intentions when approaching a project,” she says. “Meaning is assigned to the work way after it’s completed. Meaning is what happens when it is looked at. My interpretations have no more importance than yours.”

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