Judy Fiskin
American, born 1945
Summer Selections,
Joseph Bellows Gallery
Angles Gallery at PARIS PHOTO LA,
Angles Gallery

Judy Fiskin established her reputation in the 1970s with distinctive, small-format photographs of California architecture, and in recent years she has gained international acclaim for her playful yet incisive video works. Fiskin’s photos are consistently presented in the same intimate manner—2.5-inch squares printed on letter-sized paper—as in “Dingbat” (1982-83), a series documenting quirky apartment buildings in Los Angeles. Since the late 1990s she has produced six videos, with each one offering her own critiques of the art world and the artistic process. In 50 Ways to Set the Table (2003) she documents a table-setting competition at the LA County Fair, offering it as a metaphor for the politics of creating and critiquing art; in Guided Tour (2010), Fiskin juxtaposes talks from two museum docents with completely unrelated works of art, suggesting the arbitrariness of speaking about …

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