Judy Rifka
American, born 1945
Selected exhibitions
Variations in Abstraction - Simon Colley, Marjorie Kaye, Judy Rifka,
Walter Wickiser Gallery
Judy Rifka,
Amstel Gallery
Jean-Paul Najar Foundation

In the course of her prolific career, Judy Rifka has touched upon many media including painting, printmaking, video art, and sculpture. What characterizes her career above all is an acute sense of humor, and openness to chance or the “subjects [that] spring from this life soup.” She once said that in her paintings, “only the accidents are deliberate. The inspiration is in witnessing great accidents surfacing while I absently shuffle programs.” In the late 1970s, Rifka was a founding member of the New York-based artist collective Colab, and a leading figure in the No Wave movement. Among her best-known works are what she calls “paintings in the round:” painted canvases stretched around irregular frames, which are then propped vertically. More recently, she has used Facebook as means to conduct small performances.