Julie Wolfe
American, born 1963
Selected exhibitions
Before and After Now: Julie Wolfe,
Page Bond Gallery
JULIE WOLFE: Quest For a Third Paradise,
Hemphill Fine Arts
Julie Wolfe: Language of the Birds,
Hemphill Fine Arts

Painter and jewelry designer Julie Wolfe depicts the flux of the natural world through abstract symbols, painterly gestures, and patterns. Background and foreground intermix as she freely places abstract shapes and images resembling flowers, plants, and specks of light in deeply saturated fields of color. Wolfe covers topics like the human intrusion into the natural world and organic processes mutation and decay; many of her works are more purely formal experiments. She describes her practice as trying to move away from an anthropomorphic view of nature towards a more immersive and harmonious experience of its flux and transformations—one that can inspire greater ecological awareness and responsibility in its human viewers.