Julio Cesar Morales
Mexican, born 1966
Collected by a major museum
Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
Selected exhibitions
Artadia at UNTITLED, San Francisco 2017,
Gallery Wendi Norris at Zona MACO 2015,
Gallery Wendi Norris
Gallery Wendi Norris at artMRKT San Francisco 2014,
Gallery Wendi Norris

Julio Cesar Morales’ best-known works explore the movement of people, narcotics, contraband, and American popular culture across the U.S.-Mexico border. Through his multimedia installations, mixed-media drawings and paintings, and photography, Morales depicts this border world as it is without adopting a distinct moral position; his work aims to capture the people along the border in their attempts to grapple with life in a liminal space where there is no right or wrong, only tactics of survival. For his 2011 exhibition “Contrabando”, Morales made drawings of tunnels and children concealed inside transparent piñatas, and a 15-minute video about the contraband culture along the border. For Narquitectos #1 (2009), part of the installation, he drew blueprints of imaginary narcotic-smuggling tunnels with the precision of an architect.