Kanako Namura
Selected exhibitions
Galería Karen Huber at ZⓈONAMACO 2018,
Galería Karen Huber
Straight From Mexico City,
Ruiz-Healy Art
Acumulación | Kanako Namura,
Galería Karen Huber

Kanako Namura’s drawings are driven by process and pattern, and are rooted in a sense of skepticism over verbal language. This skepticism stems from the artist’s identity as a Japanese-born American who feels torn between two cultures. Numura’s work features repeating motifs, which she favors for their ability to resonate on a primal, universal level. Her artworks appear woven and geometric, decidedly ordered yet not symmetrical. Namura produces works on both paper and fabric, favoring the latter for its durability and proclivity for transformation through repeated actions. The act of mark making ties Namura’s oeuvre together; she builds structures through repetition to explore why structure is necessary and how it evolves. The artist’s ultimate goal is to convey the tension between the controllable and uncontrollable in everyday life.