Kang Myung Sun
South Korean, born 1974
Selected exhibitions
Living in Art I: Let's Art,
SEOMI International
Living in Art II: Connect,
SEOMI International
A Case Study in Lighting,
SEOMI International

In a mélange of past and present, South Korean-born artist Kang Myung Sun combines the traditional craft techniques of her ancient heritage with modern practicality and innovation. This dialogue, formed between the traditions and materials of a 2,000-year Asian history and contemporary, 21st-century materials and approaches, manifests in the form of delicately curved organic furniture—benches, wall-cabinets, stools, tables, and chairs—that simultaneously challenge and embrace modern design. Through her use of traditional lacquering techniques, such as black urethane inlaid with mother of pearl, Kang emphasizes the natural, iridescent beauty of her pearls, which are juxtaposed by the archaic, declining technique of traditional wood lacquering methods.

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