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Karl Baden

American, born 195214 Followers


Steeped in photographic history, Karl Baden explores how photographs are shaped, and how they shape our perceptions, in his witty works. His works abound with references to iconic photographers and their work, while foregrounding the omnipresence of photographic images in popular culture. In his teasing, sophisticated images, he explores the mutability of his medium. Baden works in series and on sustained projects. He maintains a blog, called Every Day, on which he posts mug shot-like photographs he has taken of himself every day since 1987, creating an ongoing record of his aging. In In and Out of the Car (2009-12), an homage to Lee Friedlander, he presents lushly colored snapshots of the passing views outside of his car windows, capturing the uncanny fusion of his car’s interior with the outside world, itself filled with a riot of photographic images.