Karl-Heinz Schwind
German, born 1958

Releasing bursts of spontaneous emotion, Karl-Heinz Schwind applies thick layers of paint directly from the tube, swirling it around his canvas with a palette knife. The resulting abstract, impastoed paintings are characterized by texture and a sense of immediacy, which reveals the influence of his teachers Georg Baselitz and Per Kirkeby, as well as the Tachists. The frenzy of emotion evident on the canvas has also led to critical comparisons to Art Brut. Despite Schwind’s lack of regimented control, stick-like figures sometimes emerge from the tangle of lines, or single words appear, evoking primordial longings (for sex, love, and food). Writing in Whitehot Magazine, Travis Jeppesen noted that “Schwind valorizes a rough immediacy that works towards dissolving the supposed boundaries between art and lived experience.”

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