Karthik Pandian
American, born 1981
Selected exhibitions
Tamil Man,
Federica Schiavo Gallery
Vilma Gold at MiArt 2015,
Vilma Gold
Federica Schiavo Gallery at Artissima 2014,
Federica Schiavo Gallery

Karthik Pandian explains his work as an exploration of how the present relates to perceptions of the past, as both “a materialist history and an anthropological history.” Pandian is particularly inspired by ethnographic film, which caused him to switch from video to 16 mm film in 2008. He sometimes presents his videos and films in multimedia installations accompanied by architectural structures; he does not consider these sculptures, however, but rather enhancements to the viewing experiences, often serving as surfaces for his projections. His most famous work to date, Unearth (2011), is based on Pandian’s research of the Native American Cahokia culture and its ceremonial monuments; the resulting films were projected onto pillars made from ground soil taken from the research sites.