Kate Malone

British, b. 1959


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“In my own ceramic artwork I am inspired by the optimism and joy in nature. My highly-coloured, natural forms brim with a sense of growth and abundance and aim to communicate the 'Life Force' to the viewer.”

Kate Malone is one of the UK’s leading ceramic artists with an illustrious career spanning thirty years.

She has developed an unmistakable and highly regarded style, evidenced by her unique, hand-made pots and intricately ornamented sculptures.

Observations of nature, particularly its fruits, nuts and berries are the overriding influence in Kate’s work. In addition to her exploration of nature, Kate has spent her career pioneering glazing techniques via research and experimentation in the chemistry of glazing. The sophistication of her glazes has led to some interesting collaborations with prominent architects and designers, working on inspiring public art projects in hospitals, schools, parks and libraries.

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