Kathy Prendergast
Irish , born 1958
Collected by a major museum

Best known for her “City Drawings”, begun in 1992, meticulous pencil drawings of the networks of roads and rivers that constitute the world’s capital cities, Kathy Prendergast explores issues of identity, sexuality, landscape, mapping, and power in work that encompasses sculpture, drawing, painting, and installation. Prendergast is concerned with territories and borders as metaphors for control and the contours of the self; for her “Body Map” series, she painted cross sections of the female body, an exploration of what she called “personal geography”; her “Black Map” series—road maps effaced with ink—depicts what appear to be enchanting views of a night sky in which towns and cities become complicated constellations of planets and stars. She has also produced hand-painted bronze sculptures of everyday items, such as a coffee table or a hearthrug, and objects that explore life cycles, …

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