Katrin Heichel
German, born 1972
Katrin Heichel – NOCTURAMA,
G2 Kunsthalle
Museum Abtei Liesborn

Katrin Heichel is known for her realist oil and egg tempera paintings that depict a range of idiosyncratic visual passages—Italian votive candles, Biblical figures, draperies, children’s toys, and eerie nudes. A 2011 exhibition entitled “Pure Love” focused on the the overlooked or abandoned elements of construction sites and urban-industrial settings. Cement mixers, a broken chain-link fence, and a graffiti-ridden padlocked door were among the subjects of these poignant scenes. The presence of the human labor that goes into construction permeates the work through details such as a pair of work gloves and thermos left on an outdoor table, although the workers themselves are absent. As in much of her work, Heichel offers unsentimental outsider views into her scenes, where ambiguity hints at broader themes and leaves the potential for viewers to project narratives.