Kaz Oshiro
Japanese, born 1967
Blue chip
Represented by internationally recognized galleries.
Selected exhibitions
Space Between,
The FLAG Art Foundation
Diffuse Reflection,
galerie frank elbaz
Heart-Shaped Box,
galerie frank elbaz

Creating sculptures from paintings, Kaz Oshiro pushes the limits of both mediums, merging abstraction, conceptualism, and representation. He paints with acrylic and Bondo (an auto body repair filler) on canvas, and then recreates everyday objects by piecing these canvases together to make three-dimensional forms. The resulting artwork looks like a readymade object or sculpture from the front, but the backside—which Oshiro intentionally makes visible—reveals itself as an assemblage of canvases. “I see myself as a still-life painter trying to become an abstract painter,” he has said. Oshiro described his most recent works, a series of bent canvases that extend into three-dimensional space, as a “still life of a broken painting.” The conceptual and spatially driven nature of his art suggests a synthesis of work by Andy Warhol, Donald Judd, and John McCracken.