Kees Goudzwaard
Dutch, born 1958
Represented by industry leading galleries.
Selected exhibitions
Zeno X Gallery at Art Basel 2017,
Zeno X Gallery
Zeno X Gallery at Art Basel in Miami Beach 2017,
Zeno X Gallery
Kees Goudzwaard - Walled Garden,
Zeno X Gallery

Kees Goudzwaard’s work emerges from a laborious practice in which the artist deconstructs the very practice of painting, meticulously transposing paper collages with disarming exactitude. Goudzwaard assembles these collages—or “prototypes”—out of cut squares of colored paper, acetate, and transparent foil, composed in loose grids and held together by masking tape. He then paints a near-perfect reproduction on canvas. In the ultimate rejection of artistic process and convention, Goudzwaard never allows his original collages to see the light of day, promptly disposing of them upon the completion of each painting.