Kris Kuksi
American, born 1973
Selected exhibitions
Hallucinatory Enhancements,
Joshua Liner Gallery
Turn the Page: The First Ten Years of Hi-Fructose,
Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art
Kris Kuksi: Amalgamation,
Joshua Liner Gallery

Kris Kuksi creates elaborate three-dimensional compositions that serve as reminders of human frailty in an age of consumption gone wild. He crafts eerie, graceful pieces from found materials, such as toy soldiers, model kits, plastic animals, jewelry, and knick-knack figurines. “I get inspired by the industrial world, all the rigidity of machinery, the network of pipes, wires, refineries, etc. Then I join that with an opposite of flowing graceful, harmonious, and pleasing design of the baroque and rococo,” the artist has said. His richly detailed paintings also include “a bit of weirdness and the macabre.” Kuksi’s works have been compared to religious altarpieces and the proto-surrealist compositions of Hieronymus Bosch.