Kristin McKirdy
Canadian, born 1958
Represented by industry leading galleries.
Selected exhibitions
Jousse Entreprise at artmonte-carlo 2017,
Jousse Entreprise
Pierre Marie Giraud at Design Miami/ Basel 2014,
Pierre Marie Giraud
Jousse Entreprise at Design Miami/ 2012,
Jousse Entreprise

Born in Toronto but based in Paris, ceramicist Kristin McKirdy creates figurative vessels and small sculptures that look almost like geological cross-sections. Her biomorphic forms are cut with flat, polished planes. McKirdy often embellishes, with gold leaf or detailed filigree, the acute angle where soft curve and hard line meet. Using stone or metal, McKirdy polishes her works to lend them irregular finishes. These mottled surfaces are in stark contrast to her glossy, colorful glaze work, and the effect is akin to a geode: a jewel packaged hidden within craggy rock.