American, born 1967
Selected exhibitions
Lawrence Fine Art at ArtHamptons 2016,
Lawrence Fine Art
Lilac Gallery at Art Southampton 2016,
Lilac Gallery
Lawrence Fine Art at ArtHamptons 2014,
Lawrence Fine Art

New York City graffiti artist L.A. II (a.k.a. Angel Ortiz) is best known for his collaborations with Keith Haring. Ortiz’s career took off after Haring spotted his “Little Angel” tag upon moving to New York and asked to meet the then-teenage artist. Throughout the ’80s, Haring and Ortiz combined their signatures to create murals, sculptures, train paintings, and other objects, and Ortiz’s style and technique are thought to have influenced Haring’s solo practice from then on. Along with several joint exhibitions of his work and Haring's, Ortiz's own mix of contemporary symbols with Asian calligraphy has been shown in galleries and museums across the United States.