Lari Pittman
American, born 1952
Represented by industry leading galleries.
Collected by a major museum
Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
Selected exhibitions
Regen Projects at ZⓈONAMACO 2018,
Regen Projects
Regen Projects at Zsona MACO 2016,
Regen Projects
Regen Projects at The Armory Show 2015,
Regen Projects

A major figure in the Los Angeles art world, Lari Pittman produces large-scale, graphic paintings whose surfaces are populated with colorful, clashing imagery. Pittman worked as an interior designer for a decade before turning to painting full-time, and his work conveys a fascination with decoration and artifice. “A reflective, sensational surface is still a conduit for meaning,” he has said. An array of objects such as teapots, Russian easter eggs, and musical instruments fill his images, sometimes radiating out from a central diamond-shape or a mandala-like circle. Rather than studying his subjects closely, Pittman works from memory—sometimes on a group of paintings simultaneously—investing the ornamental with lofty themes such as life, death, love, and sex.

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