Laura Lancaster
British, born 1979
Selected exhibitions
WORKPLACE at Dallas Art Fair 2018,
Laura Lancaster: Shadows and Mirrors,
WORKPLACE at Artissima 2017,

Laura Lancaster’s paintings find sources in anonymous snapshots, slides, and films the artist finds in flea markets and junk shops. As a result, her subjects are people and settings she is not familiar with, but that are nonetheless presented in an intimate way. Lancaster paints gesturally, using broad strokes that appear to blur the images; sometimes her paint application is so thick that the strokes drip and distort surrounding forms and give her work a ghostly feel. Lancaster’s palette is usually ghostly and muddy; in 2005, she made a series of monochromes using black paint and the raw canvas for the contrasting color value. More recently, she has begun to explore other categories of photo-based figurative painting in the absence of a figure, as in her series of paintings based on photographs of gravestones.