Lee Stoetzel
American, born 1968

While known primarily for photographing and sculpting natural elements, Lee Stoetzel also works in another quintessentially American medium: McDonald’s food and packaging materials. From this, he constructed (and then photographed) a series of miniature “McMansions” (2005), complete with sweet-and-sour sauce containers as skylights. As another homage to life in suburbia, he crafted VW Bus (2007), a life-size replica of the 1970s vehicle, from mesquite wood, out of which he has also sculpted an early Mac computer, a dictionary, a bike, and other nostalgic items. Mesquite wood appeals to Stoetzel because its natural flaws “are like paint marks,” he says, and he “likes that idea of blown out trash-wood being used for worn out ideas in American culture.”

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