Lesley Foxcroft
British, born 1949
Represented by industry leading galleries.
Selected exhibitions
Light / Dark,
Annely Juda Fine Art
Lesley Foxcroft: Corners,
Lesley Foxcroft, Angles,
Annely Juda Fine Art

Working in the tradition of minimalism, Lesley Foxcroft makes large-scale, hard-edge sculptures and wall works that respond to the architecture of exhibition spaces. Similar to the artists Sol LeWitt and Donald Judd—pioneers of paring art down to pure form—Foxcroft teases out the formal potential of simple geometric shapes and everyday materials. Prefabricated MDF board is her primary medium, and it underlines the importance of straightforward, easily accessible components to Foxcraft’s practice. “I like the idea that the uncomplicated has a purpose: that the material does not give a sculpture its value, it is the artist that does,” she has said. Foxcraft layers square and rectangular panels on gallery floors and walls, fusing art and architecture and creating sculptures that double as both structure and ornamentation.