Leslie Wayne
German, born 1953
Represented by industry leading galleries.
Selected exhibitions
On Edge,
The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum
Jack Shainman Gallery at Art Basel in Miami Beach 2017,
Jack Shainman Gallery
Jack Shainman Gallery at The Armory Show 2015,
Jack Shainman Gallery

“Color and form are one and the same in my painting, which is what defines so much of their character,” Leslie Wayne has said of her sculptural-paint creations. Wayne uses oil paint to create three-dimensional forms like her “studio rags,” heavy accumulations of paint that are hung from the wall like a piece dangling from a single nail. In an abstract response to the landscapes of the 19th-century Romantics, Wayne goes beyond creating representations of nature, producing thick layers of paint reminiscent of geological phenomena, with specific attention paid to the colors and geography of the American West. These same colors and forms also find their way into Wayne’s prints.