Li Pinghu
Chinese, born 1976
Blue chip
Represented by internationally recognized galleries.

Working in video, photography, and oil painting, Li Pinghu produces quiet, elegant, pieces that muse over themes such as the relationship between individuals and society. Somber-hued paintings such as Sunlight Through the Abandoned Room (2010) and Ruins Forgotten by Modernization (2010) communicate a sense of loneliness that persists even when humans populate the scenes. While formally disparate, his videos and a series of richly colored monochromatic, abstract paintings embellished with small crystals converge in their exploration of the “in-between” spaces separating objects from one another and viewers from the artworks. In the six-minute video About Light (2006), for example, Li installs himself inside the ceiling and holds a chandelier through a hole until fatigue eventually compels him to let go, sending it crashing down like a firework.

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