Li Xiaojing
Chinese, born 1981

Emerging Chinese artist Li Xiaojing works deliberately, producing a small set of oil-on-canvas paintings each year, through which she explores the universe: the heavens and the earth, all living beings, nature, space, and time. As she describes: “In my paintings, various forms, blank space, and what lies beyond the canvas are all encompassed.” Ranging from the macro—the night sky, time—to the micro—the delicate roots of blades of grass, fossils—Li paints all of her subjects with economy. In line with traditional Chinese painting, she uses very few brushstrokes to convey an expanse of sky, or the soft, compact body of a bird. Many of her images are calligraphic, resembling Chinese characters. Li’s intimate, spare, meditative work stands in poignant contrast to the rampant materialism and urbanization of the modern world, experienced so keenly in her native China.

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