Liang Juhui
Chinese, 1959-2006
Dismantling the Scaffold,
Spring Workshop
Tang Contemporary Art at Art Beijing 2016,
Tang Contemporary Art

A former Venice Biennale exhibitor, Liang Juhui was considered one of the forefathers of the Chinese avant-garde movement, and one of the first Chinese artists to make an impact on the international art world. Liang was one of the founders of the Big Tail Elephant Workgroup in the ’90s, an experimental cohort of Chinese artists—also including Lin Yilin—known for performing urban guerrilla interventions in the streets of Guangzhou. The group, which never formally disbanded, was concerned with breaking down the boundaries between different artistic disciplines to create a new visual experience, and with exploring China’s rapid development. Liang worked in a range of mediums, from large-scale installation works and sculpture to video, photography, and performance. In his performance One-Hour Game (1996), he played video games in the workers’ elevator of a construction site for one hour, offering moments of transcendence amid China’s flurry of daily expansion.