Lisa Anne Auerbach
American, born 1967
Selected exhibitions
Pussy, King of the Pirates,
This Is Not a Selfie: Photographic Self-Portraits from the Audrey and Sydney Irmas Collection,
San Jose Museum of Art
The Afghan Carpet Project,
Hammer Museum

Lisa Ann Auerbach’s work spans installation, textiles, photography, and zine production, though she is best known for her knit sweaters displaying political missives. These garments channel female labor, craft, DIY culture, and text-based conceptual art by figures such as Sister Corita Kent. Auerbach typically knits the sweaters to fit her body, adorning them with messages that have a leftist bent; as a bike activist in Los Angeles, she created a sweater that read, “This lane is my lane. This lane is your lane,” alluding to Woody Guthrie’s famous song. The singularity and materiality of each sweater suggests an enduring commitment to their slogans unlike the more disposable political t-shirt. “The sweaters activate a different sense of security, here denoting a kind of indestructibility, as well as a cloak or shield of protection,” wrote Julia Bryan-Wilson of Auerbach’s work.