Lisa Williamson
American, born 1977
Represented by up-and-coming galleries.
Selected exhibitions
Jessica Silverman Gallery
Shane Campbell Gallery at Dallas Art Fair 2017,
Shane Campbell Gallery
Shane Campbell Gallery at Frieze New York 2015,
Shane Campbell Gallery

Engaged with the legacy of Minimalism, Lisa Williamson’s abstract sculptures emphasize the formal quality of “material as material,” focusing on its physicality rather than seeing it as a blank slate upon which to explore art historical codes or themes. She creates floor sculptures and wall sculptures that function as paintings, drawing attention to color, shape, and texture. Williams has no signature materials, having used aluminum, Plexiglas, and steel; she also composes works on paper, experimenting with list making, rhymes, puns, and doodles as part of her practice. In Teal Legs (2011), she bent hand-painted steel rods in the color teal and installed them in such a way that they partially lay on the floor and partially ran up the gallery wall, a playful yet highly formal exploration of the material’s physical properties, including shape, color, and malleability.