Liu Ruowang
Chinese, born 1977
Liu Ruowang Paintings and Sculptures 2007 - 2017,
Lorenzelli arte
Lorenzelli arte at The Armory Show 2017,
Lorenzelli arte

Born in the aftermath of the Cultural Revolution, Liu Ruowang grew up in a generation torn between centuries-old Chinese culture and the influx of Western influence. Liu creates three-dimensional versions of figures and animals depicted in Chinese paintings. He often places these sculptures in massive configurations, which evoke the Terracotta Army, but his figures are made of bronze and finished with colors. Liu’s use of bronze is more in keeping with Western artistic tendencies, yet his work has a sense of reverence toward national cultural traditions. His art reflects a desire to promote and preserve a sense of history in spite of the rapid cultural shifts that have characterized China since the 1990s.