Luis Maldonado
Puerto Rican-American, born 1974

Luis Maldonado began to harbor feelings of displacement and confusion at an early age, which he would later channel through the subject matter of his paintings. The son of a Puerto Rican father and an American mother, Maldonado was torn between separate cultures and chose to illustrate his diverse cultural narrative through painting and sculpture. Today, Maldonado depicts the changing seasons to symbolize the cycles of life and infinite progression of time. In a mixture of geometric color forms and Abstract Expressionistic brushstrokes, Maldonado intersperses generic symbols of the seasons, like leaves and pumpkins in the fall. He believes the seasons convey all aspects of society— religion, entertainment, economics, agriculture, and personal narratives—which he assembles in commissions where clients are asked to name their own symbols of the seasons; his attempt to include the …

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