Luke Dorman
American, born 1980
Tamarind Salon,
Tamarind Institute
Infinite Histories,
Tamarind Institute

Focused on his position as an emerging American artist, Luke Dorman produces monochromatic drawings and installations, in which he explores his place in art history and in contemporary society. References to popular culture and canonized artists, including Sandro Botticelli, Francisco Goya, and Bernd and Hilla Becher, recur throughout his works. Taken together, his drawings constitute a shifting, moody landscape, through which wanders a lonely male protagonist dressed in jeans and a striped shirt—a cross between Dorman himself and “Waldo” from the popular Where’s Waldo? books. The recurrence of this figure across his works creates narrative and formal connections between his diverse compositions, as Dorman describes: “I've cast myself in the role of an archetypal everyman who is seen roaming a sparse landscape, continuing themes of self-discovery, solitude, and loss that have been …

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