Lutz & Guggisberg
Swiss, 1968 and 1966
Blue chip
Represented by internationally recognized galleries.
Selected exhibitions
Lutz & Guggisberg | il giardino,
Collezione Maramotti
Family of Scupltures,
Monica De Cardenas
Lutz & Guggisberg,
Monica De Cardenas

Since 1996, collaborators Andres Lutz and Anders Guggisberg have created their own world through interconnected works in a variety of mediums, including installation, sculpture, video, and painting. Calling to mind the famous Swiss partnership of Peter Fischli and David Weiss, the Swiss pair creates work with a wry sense of humor that hint at something darker beneath. Wordplay and self-consciously retro allusions are often found in their work, in pieces like Bibliothek (2000-), a growing library of over 2,000 fake books, and Fünfminutenhaus (Five Minute House), a collection of modernist furniture swiftly assembled from Styrofoam. Their interventions are open-ended, with the interpretation left ambiguous. “Our work is just like an offer to the people who come to see it,” Lutz has said.