Malik Sajad
Kashmiri, born 1987

Political cartoonist and graphic novelist Malik Sajad produces brave, satirical cartoons, through which he examines and comments upon the violence and political turmoil in Kashmir. “The subject of my art explores my own experiences of growing up in the turmoil of conflict-hit Kashmir,” he says. “I struggle to face the abrupt transformation of our cultural identity, the dominance of conflict, and its psychological impact and history.” Sajad has been working since his early teens, when he began drawing his punchy, calligraphic cartoons for English- and Urdu-language newspapers. In addition to his concern with the impact of war and political machinations on his state, Sajad is deeply attuned to the fragility of Kashmir’s precious cultural heritage, including traditional theater, storytelling, and miniature painting, which he aims to honor and help preserve in his work.

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