Mally Khorasantchi
German-American, born 1948
Selected exhibitions
Mally Khorasantchi– Faked News,
Walter Wickiser Gallery
Non Objectivity IV,
Walter Wickiser Gallery
Mally Khorasantchi: Recent Works,
Walter Wickiser Gallery

Mally Khorasantchi is known for creating pictures that engage with “nature and its mysteries” and the “universal struggle to survive and endure,” phenomena she identifies as continual sources of artistic inspiration. Khorasantchi’s paintings begin with organic and biological subjects, including “bananas, mangroves and stingrays; earth, water and sky,” which she transforms into fantastical, expressive imagery, often through the symbolic use of color. Khorasantchi also represents the patterns of nature, including the repeating hexagonal forms of beehives and honeycombs, which she began to include in her works in 2009.