Manuel Caeiro

Portuguese, b. 1975


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Manuel Caeiro’s pictorial research is the product of a reflexion covering various artistic disciplines. Architecture, drawing and painting are confronted in the construction of space, placing the viewer not only as a mere assistant, but also as enjoyer and creator. The house and its ramifications occupy, therefore, a central space.
From his first works, it is notorious the attention given by Caeiro to the signs of the creation and the creation of time. Memory is perhaps his primary need. The painting conveys the memory of other spaces, spaces which the artist discovers throughout his developments. The pleasure is natural, and the space not a given fact, but in permanent mutation revealed by the creation of these paintings. In his most recent works, recognised through existing security structures in construction sites, Caeiro enhances his pictorial and sculptural potential. His aim is to create pictorially functional spaces that can bring the viewer closer to the architectural structures that appeal to contemplation.
Caeiro studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon, where he deepened his training in drawing and painting. He began exhibiting individually in 1999, participating since 2001 of various exhbitions in Portugal, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Brazil, Netherlands, Switzerland, and the United States. Currently, Manuel Caeiro lives and works in Lisbon, Portugal.

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