Marc Dennis
American, born 1971
Selected exhibitions
The Ideal Feminine/ The Feminine Ideal? Curated by Natasha Schlesinger,
Winston Wächter Fine Art
REALLY? Curated by Beth Rudin DeWoody,
Wilding Cran Gallery
An Artist, A Curator And A Rabbi Walk Into A Bar...,
Hasted Kraeutler

Marc Dennis is an American artist known for his hyper-realistic paintings of staged and slightly voyeuristic images of contemporary American culture, including individuals engaged in viewing iconic works of art. In his practice, he has also translated a childhood obsession with looking underneath rocks and logs into scientific renderings of fauna, often cast in dramatic Baroque light. His insects, morbidly preserved and pinned down in entomology cases, are painted with particular attention to their anatomies, exploring what Dennis calls the “subversive potential of beauty and pleasure.”