Marc Dibeh
SEEDS at Operæ 2017,
ArtFactum Gallery at Design Miami/ Basel 2015,
Art Factum Gallery

Beirut-based designer Marc Dibeh combines whimsy, rigor, and elegance in his designs for interiors, furniture, and objects. After completing his studies in architecture and product design, Dibeh joined the studio of his ongoing collaborator, Marc Baroud, before founding his own studio in 2009. Whether designing home and business interiors or a range of housewares, furniture, and other products, he approaches every project with a spirit of collaboration, sense of storytelling, and humor. The Love the Bird lamp, for example, features a switch with a dual function; in addition to turning on and off the light, it can be removed and used to turn on people—it doubles as a sex toy. Dibeh has also designed a set of mirrors adorned with playful cracks on the surfaces.