Margarita Checa
Peruvian, born 1950

A former student of one of Peru’s greatest artists, Christina Galvez, Margarita Checa transforms wood into voluptuous figures, carving her material and inlaying it with precious metals. In Listen to the Wind, Checa depicts the figure of a mystical woman, draped in a shawl and featuring bronze, silver, and bullhorn elements. The figure is molded in the dense Peruvian wood Yacushapana, which has a deep, rich sienna hue, and is polished to a lustrous, smooth surface. Although her imagery resonates with early 20th century expressionist artists and Latin American figurative painters like Leonora Carrington, Checa also takes inspiration from local traditions. “I long for the myth,” she has said, “I start incrusting different elements in my work after seeing a cuchimilco of the Chancay culture, one that has influenced a great number of plastic artists in Peru.”

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