Marie Lorenz
Represented by up-and-coming galleries.
Selected exhibitions
High Line Art
Radical Seafaring,
Parrish Art Museum
Jack Hanley Gallery at Frieze NY 2014,
Jack Hanley Gallery

In an effort to bring new significance to her everyday life, Marie Lorenz explores the waterways of New York City by boats she has designed and built—ultimately viewing the land from an alternate perspective in an attempt to "un-know" her familiar metropolis. Pre-excursion, Lorenz studies tidal charts and routes her journey based on currents which will propel her boat. Whether bringing passengers aboard, as she has in the past, or traveling solo in her self-made rowboat (save the company of a video camera), Lorenz documents her journey through pictures, videos, and artifacts. Her recent series “Archipelago” used videos attached to her head, back, and boat to record the shorelines and marshlands she rowed through—or occasionally, pulled her boat onto and walked upon, combing the harbors for found objects along the way.

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