Marina Zurkow
American, born 1962
Represented by industry leading galleries.
Selected exhibitions
bitforms gallery at Dallas Art Fair 2016,
bitforms gallery
Marina Zurkow: "MORE&MORE (the invisible oceans)",
bitforms gallery
Fifteen-Year Anniversary Exhibition - Minnesota Street Project, San Francisco,
bitforms gallery

New media artist Marina Zurkow creates research-based animated films that explore the subject of human relations with animals, plants, weather, and the media cultures that develop around these themes. “My work is about the networked stories we tell ourselves about our place in the larger world, the interwoven and often conflicted threads of this, and how these are represented in mediated form,” Zurkow says. In response to online viewing behaviors—particularly the short attention spans of online audiences—Zurkow makes layered psychological narratives that have neither continuous thread, nor beginning or end. Zurkow creates many of the images used in her films by hand, as in Mesocosm (Northumberland UK) (2011), a 146-hour film about a yearlong cycle of life in the moors of northern England, involving weather phenomena and a cast of 150 characters—an investigation of the nature of human …

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