Mark Mulroney
American, born 1973
Selected exhibitions
Tamarind Institute
Tamarind Salon,
Tamarind Institute
Yellow Bikini,
Mixed Greens

“Almost all art is about looking at death and trying to defy it somehow,” says Mark Mulroney. He considers sex and gore as primary means of defiance, and accordingly, guts, exaggerated genitalia, bloody wounds, and well-endowed pin-up girls take center stage in his surrealistic, comic-style paintings. Take for instance “Sent Upstate” (2011), a series equally inspired by Playboy and Mulroney’s traumatic Catholic upbringing. One untitled painting depicts a bikini-clad voluptuous woman holding a knife in one hand, and the gory flesh cut from a naked man hanging Christ-like from an invisible structure, in the other. By way of explaining the series, Mulroney, who is not known for his discretion, says, “I just relied on my usual methods: put a boner on something or make it bleed.”