Markus Amm

German, b. 1969

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Since the late 1990s, Markus Amm (b. 1969, Stuttgart, Germany) has been methodically and sensitively exploring how the materials of painting, reduced to their essences, cohere into abstract images. His work can be luminous and illusionistic or bracingly sculptural and physical, and in many cases it is both of these things simultaneously. Amm is also interested in how the perception of time informs the processes of making art and looking at it, as the techniques he uses to produce many of his works require long periods of waiting and observation. The paintings therefore pose questions about how we distinguish between action and reflection. “[The] very time of not actively painting, during which you only observe the picture, is the most important part of the process,” Amm has remarked. “It is the moment in which [the artist is] most engaged with it.”

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