Mary Reid Kelley
American, born 1979
Represented by industry leading galleries.
Selected exhibitions
Life a User's Manual IV: The Catcher in the Mirror,
Art Encounters Foundation
Pilar Corrias Gallery
Swinburne’s Pasiphae,
Pilar Corrias Gallery

Drawing from historical literature, drama, and events—and channeling them through a decidedly feminist interpretation—Mary Reid Kelley makes bawdy and beautiful black-and-white videos, drawings, and collages. Her videos are a combination of live action and animation and star the artist herself, in every role, disguised by elaborate costuming and makeup, and against visually rich background settings. Her husband films her, and then edits her various parts together into a coherent whole. Performance allows Kelley to encompass her broad interests in a single work. As she describes, “I realized that I was desperate to enact the characters that were the forces behind my 2D work, and that in doing so, all my ‘non-art’ loves like literature and costume and wordplay could be rolled up into a time-based work that functioned like a shout-y, rambunctious, emotionally incontinent painting.”