Matthew Lusk
American, born 1972
Matthew Lusk - No Room For Improvement,
Capsule Gallery

Matthew Lusk’s large-scale sculptures and installation works, often composed of salvaged items, question the promise of the American Dream. For example, his installation More Broken Glass Than There Was Window was inspired partly by a 1936 Arthur Rothstein photograph of a solitary structure in the Kansas plains, titled A Bank That Failed. Lusk assembled discarded architectural and sculptural remnants including a bank vault, its door blown asunder, and constructed an approximation of an abandoned bank, before furnishing it with found objects such as a stuffed turkey, a plastic clock advertising Viagra, and gold bricks made from sand. “This project isn’t about banking, per se, but more concerned with greater themes of responsibility and disaster and redemption and hope,” he has said. “It has as much to do with failed levees as levied failures.”

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