Maureen Drennan

Born and based in New York City, Maureen Drennan is drawn to photographing beautiful, remote locations that differ from her home, with a particularly interest in the lives lived in these places. As a New Yorker, Drennan is accustomed to life dictated by her environment, and inspired by writers like Flannery O'Connor and Annie Proulx, whose prose she feels creates a sense of place so profound it becomes a character of its own. Similarly, Drennan photographs characters who gracefully face the obstacles of their environment, such as in her melancholic story of a marijuana harvester in California who is isolated by his farm and the cultural stigma of his occupation—an existence ultimately defined by his landscape. Drennan also documented ice fishing communities of Northern Wisconsin and Minnesota, fascinated by the temporary, close-knit relationships they share with the frozen lake.